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September 2019, NASCO signed a distribution agreement with Thomas & Betts, now owned by ABB – specializing in stocking electrical installation products for building construction and the aviation industry. Products include cable protection systems, crimp tools, ERG740, ERICKSION universal recessed products, Everlok, fittings, Concrete-tight, strap accessories,

Liquid-tight connector, lugs, parallel terminals, pipe straps, quick disconnect parts, Shield-Kon, Tite-Bite, Shield-Kon, manual crimp tools, ergonomic hand crimp tool kits and more. All stock parts are typically 25% less than the big box stores and if we don’t have what you need in stock, delivery is usually within 24hrs with free UPS ground delivery.



When you’re dealing with electrical connections in wet, corrosive or hazardous environments, Russellstoll® plugs, connectors and receptacles provide power where you need it.

  • MaxGard Heavy Industrial
  • DuraGard-Light Industrial
  • ABB IEC 60309 Light Industrial
  • Sta-Kon


    Sta-Kon® wire terminals offer more copper and a wider funnel to assure premium connection with less work.

  • Sta-kon Terminals
  • Sta-Kon Heat Shrink
  • Sta-Kon Shielded Wire
  • Sta-Kon Insulation piercing Connectors
  • ERG740
  • Fittings


    ABB fittings and cable protection systems, offered under a number of brand names,

    are made to the highest quality standards and can be developed to meet any customer requirement.

  • T&B® Fittings
  • Carlon® Nonmetallic fittings
  • T&B Liquidtight Fittings
  • T&B Cord and Cable Fittings
  • Cable Protection Systems

    Cable Protection Systems

    An electrical system is only as reliable as its conductors and ABB Cable Protection Systems provide unsurpassed protection for wire and cables in the most demanding applications

  • Adaptaflex
  • Carlon PVC Elbows & Fittings
  • Harness Fles
  • Kopex-EX Conduit
  • Liquidtight
  • Ocal Corrosion Resistant Conduit
  • PMA Nylon Flexible Conduit
  • T&B® Liquidtight Fittings

    T&B® Liquidtight Fittings

  • Type A Liquidtight Fittings & Flexible Metallic Conduits
  • Type B Lidquidtight Fittings & Flexible Non-Metallic Conduit
  • Kopr-Shield
  • 52 & 53 Series Liquidtight Fittings & Flexible Metallic Conduits
  • Liquidtight Flexible Metal Conduit
  • Conduit Systems

    Conduit Systems

  • AdaptaFlex
  • Carlon PVC
  • Harness Flex
  • Kopex -Ex hazardous
  • Liquidtight Flexible
  • Ocal Corrosion Resistant
  • PMA Nylon Flex
  • Ergonomic Hand Crimp Tool Kits

    Ergonomic Hand Crimp Tool Kits

  • Shield-Kon Die
  • RSK Connectors
  • D-101A
  • D-301G
  • Metal Framing and Cable Tray

    Metal Framing and Cable Tray

    ABB saves time and labor with its comprehensive lines of metal framing and cable tray.

  • 1256
  • 1287
  • 1945
  • 2216
  • 5229
  • 5337
  • 8314

    Panduit announces a distribution agreement with NASCO Aerospace and Electronics. Panduit is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of Data Networking and Electrical Power products. For over 55 years Panduit has supplied comprehensive solutions and products manufactured with world-class quality and reliability. Panduit produces best-in-class products with a broad range of applications, including wire terminations, Data Jacks, Patch Cords, Patch Panel, Fiber Optic Cords, Labeling and Identification Systems, Cable Ties, Cable Tie Mounts, Power Distribution, Fiber Couplers, Copper Based Products, Wire & Cable Management, Slotted and Solid Ductwork, Audio/Visual Systems, Control Panel Systems, Power Connectors & Grounding, Safety and Security Products.

    Wire Terminations

    Wire Terminations

    Panduit is a global leader in reliable wire termination solutions. That means easy identification, fast installation, and optimum conductivity to meet a wide variety of electrical applications.

  • Crimpers, Cutters, Strippers & Accessories
  • Lugs, Splices, & Accessories
  • Terminals & Terminal Kits
  • Disconnects
  • Ring Terminals
  • Terminal Applicators
  • Panduit Wire Routing, Management & Protection

    Panduit Wire Routing, Management & Protection

    Panduit provides reliable, quality equipment that is ideal for heavy-duty industrial environments. Their products reduce installation time and improve performance and safety.

  • Cable & Conduit Supports
  • Cable & Wire Ties, Mounts & Straps
  • Abrasion Protection
  • Fiber Routing Systems
  • Harness Boards & Accessories
  • Power & Communication Poles & Accessories
  • Wire Mesh Cable Tray Systems

    Reliable solutions from the Inventors of Easy:
    The originators of RapidNet® know a thing or two about reliability

    More than a decade ago, we changed the data industry forever with the introduction of a patented, pre-terminated “connect and go” system.

    Not only does the cassette design streamline time-consuming, onsite installs; the system arrives factory terminated and fully tested – reducing installation and troubleshooting times by up to 85 percent.

    Why we partner with HellermannTyton

    We can help, starting as early as cable layout and planning

    It couldn’t be easier to specify your cabling needs. Pre-terminated and modular solutions take the labor out of specifying and installing, whether designing a new location or upgrading existing real estate. HellermannTyton assists customers through this process by reviewing survey details, confirming cable path and measurements, recommending options and detailing materials needed to connect the system. HellermannTyton can even provide modular solutions with pre-printed and installed labels, reducing on-site staging and preparation time.

    Universal Compatibility

    HellermannTyton data products offered by NASCO, can interface with competing systems. For those times that dictate an upgrade inside your data center or other structured cabling application, count us in.

    We've Got You Covered

    We’d prefer to be specified for every inch of your application, of course. HellermannTyton can support the needs of any project – of any size. Just know we play well with others.

    Featured Products for Datacom

    From copper to fiber, enterprise to home


    NASCO stocks HellermannTyton a full copper network solution in Category 6A UTP and FTP, Category 6 and Category 5e. This includes a variety of space-saving patch panels, jacks and cables, giving the installer and end user several options when it comes to choosing the best solution for their project. Our GST jack is a compact, high-performance UTP RJ45 connector that’s complemented by a range of modular flat and angled panels.



    NASCO offers a complete line of HellermannTyton fiber connectivity range for data centers, commercial installs and FTTx networks. In addition to our pre-terminated RapidNet fiber solutions, you will discover an end-to-end product range including standard LGX and high-density patch panels, patch leads, connectors and adaptors along with a variety of multimode and single mode assemblies. We support last-mile applications with a line of indoor and outdoor fiber distribution enclosures, enabling installers to connect cables from the street level fiber backbone to individual residences and businesses.

    RapidNet Pre-terminated Solutions

    NASCO knows customers insist on consistent, reliable products for their networks. In fact, that’s the bare minimum requirement to participate in the datacom industry. When we ask clients what they’re most looking for in addition to quality, they want to be able to deploy solutions as fast as possible. This continues to be a priority at HellermannTyton. The modular simplicity of cassette-to-cassette connectivity saves time and lowers power loss. Our system better manages polarity, too. With our direct connect cassettes and trunk cables, polarity is predefined. One less surprise that might take hours to diagnose. Receiving our modular systems pretested means you can plug them in with confidence and move on to the next task. In most cases, we’ve eliminated the need for specialty tools.


    Allow our product experts to solve your unique connector and cable design challenges.

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