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Nasco is a premier distributor for SPI-Connects; a leading manufacturer of military and commercial interconnect products. Nasco stocks all of the following military QPL (Qualified Product List) protective covers (Dust Caps) including 26482 series 1, D38999 series II and D38999 Series III at competitive prices including complete manufacturers traceability. All items are in-stock and ready to ship today. Nasco has a price match guarantee on all stock items and will not be under-sold. Inventory is available on-line at www.gonasco.com or call 1-800-383-5503. Stocking the following products. Next day delivery with MFG. certs. D38999/32W11N, D38999/32W11R, D38999/32W13N, D38999/32W13R, D38999/32W15N, D38999/32W15R, D38999/32W17N,
D38999/32W19N, D38999/32W19R, D38999/32W25N,
D38999/32W9N, D38999/32W9R, D38999/33F11N, D38999/33F19R, D38999/33W13N, D38999/33W13R, D38999/33W15N,
D38999/33W17N, D38999/33W19N, D38999/33W19R,
D38999/33W21N, D38999/33W21R, D38999/33W25N,
D38999/33W25R, D38999/33W9N, D38999/33W9R
MS3112E12-3PY, MS3112E12-8P, MS3112E18-32P,
MS3112E8-4S, MS3114E10-6P, MS3114E14-5P,
MS3114E20-16P, MS3114E8-4P,MS3116E14-18S, MS3116E8-33S,
MS3116F10-6P, MS3116F12-10S, MS3116F14-5S, MS3116F8-2P,
MS3116F8-4P, MS3116F8-4S, MS3116J14-5S, MS3116J24-61P, MS3180-10CA,
MS3180-14CA, MS3180-18CA, MS3180-20CA, MS3180-8CA, MS3181-10C,
MS3181-10CA, MS3181-10RA, MS3181-12CA, MS3181-12NA, MS3181-14CA,
MS3181-14NA, MS3181-18CA, MS3181-18CL, MS3181-22CA, MS3181-8CA

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