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Featured Products for the Control Panel

Identification Products

1. Foam Button Label
Provides the look and feel of a plastic engraved or metal plate, but at a fraction of the cost.

2. Heat Shrinkable Labels
Ladder style carrier system for easy printing. Slide Slit and optional center slits for easy wire insertion.

3. Silver, Metalized Polyester Labels
High performance materials and aggressive acrylic adhesive for long-term industrial applications.

4. Pre-printed Signal Word Labels
Professionally designed warning labels for any safety application.

5. Banded Continuous Colored Vinyl Rolls
Only one color needs to be printed to complete the label, resulting in a high-visibility warning.

6. Labels for Thermal Transfer Printer
Wide range of labeling options for organized, fast identification of wires; makes maintenance much easier.

Bundling & Securing

7. Standard Cable Ties
Head design ensures high tensile strength and low insertion force; bent tail allows quick installations by hand.

8. Adhesive Mounting Bases
For use with 18 and 30-pound cable ties to provide stability when securing bundles.

9. Open Head Q-Ties
Open-head design allows for faster insertion; pre-lock feature provides a temporary hold

10. EVO 7
Ergonomic handle and exclusive Tension-Lock-Cut technology eliminate tool kickback and hand fatigue

Routing, Protection & Insulation

11. Slotted Wall Duct & Covers
Keep wiring organized and protected. Fingers breakaway without leaving sharp edges.

12. High Density Slotted Duct & Covers
Same as above, but with more fingers per inch for smaller wires. All our duct is recyclable, too.

13. Duct Dividers
Separate high and low voltage, thus reducing interference. Continuous score lines for smooth breakouts.

14. Helawrap Protective Tubing & Clips
Wraps around cables with a “zipper-like” motion to protect against abrasion and bending stress. Design allows for easy branch-offs.

15. Spiralwrap
Provides flexible cable routing, organization and protection. Sheathing resits most chemicals.

16. Convoluted Tubing
Efficient wire routing and protection. The split down the side allows bundles to be inserted without removing entire assembly.

17. HelaGuard Non-Metallic Conduit & Fittings
Flexible abrasion, impact, chemical and UV protection. Easy to use and cut. Our non-metallic fittings deliver IP66 or greater protection.

Low Voltage Products – Arc Guard TVOC-2

Low Voltage Products - Arc Guard TVOC-2

The Arc Guard TVOC-2 builds on the well-appreciated TVOC design and offers unmatched arc monitoring. With over 35 years of experience, Arc Guard System ™ has become an industry-standard in several key markets, helping to protect personnel and businesses around the world. The optical detection system coupled with an external breaker limits the damage done to personnel and equipment in case of an arc accident.

Cable Accessories and Apparatus

Cable Accessories and Apparatus

ABB offers products you need to keep the power flowing efficiently and reliably through all of the distribution networks that crisscross the landscape. We understand that you depend on solutions that deliver continuous, uninterrupted power as efficiently as possible, reducing maintenance, repair and operational cost wherever possible.

Connection Devices

Connection Devices

  • Simplification and acceleration of flows with worldwide availability.
  • Perfect connection reliability
  • Connecting capacity from 0.22 to 300 mm² (22AWG to 1000kcmil).
  • Large offering covering all applications and functions.
  • Exclusive solutions and technologies like ADO System® terminal blocks,
  • ESSAILEC® test blocks, Interfast the pre-wiring system for PLC’s.
  • Explosion Protective Components & Systems

    Explosion Protective Components & Systems

    ABB manufactures a wide range of ATEX, IECEx, UL, CSA approved electrical products for hazardous area applications. These include cable glands and lighting ranges. Our products are approved for use in many hazardous area applications including:

  • Groups I (mining) and Group II
  • Zones 1, 2, 21, 22
  • Class I Div I
  • Class I Div II
  • Industrial Plugs and Sockets

    Industrial Plugs and Sockets

    Our range of industrial plugs & sockets lies in four groups:

  • Easy & Safe are high-quality products for basic applications.
  • Tough & Safe are products for demanding applications and environments
  • Critical & Safe are sockets with additional safety functions.
  • Fast & Safe are industrial plugs, connectors, inlets and socket-outlets with screwless terminal connectors
  • Surge Protective Devices

    Surge Protective Devices

    Surge Protective Devices are designed to protect against transient surge conditions. Lightning and utility power anomalies only account for 20% of transient surges. The remaining 80% of surge activity is produced internally. Although these surges may be smaller in magnitude, they occur more frequently and with continuous exposure can degrade sensitive electronic equipment within the facility.

    Cabinets, Thermal Management, Racks & Enclosures

    Cabinets, Thermal Management, Racks & Enclosures

    The H1 series is designed as your most complete offering for Server, Network, and Data Storage applications.

  • Mounting Heights: 42U, 45U, 48U & 52U
  • Overall Widths: 24”, 30” & 31.5”
  • Overall Depths: 42” & 48”
  • Paint Finish: Black & White
  • Two (2) interchangeable top panels
  • Cabinet doors have an attractive curved and ribbed surface for added stability.
  • Wire Termination

    Wire Termination

    Panduit is a global leader in reliable wire termination solutions. That means easy identification, fast installation, and optimum conductivity to meet a wide variety of electrical applications. It also means gaining approval and certification from UL and CSA; being RoHS compliant, ABS approved, Class 1E nuclear rated, and DFARS252.225-7014 compliant; meeting military specifications MS25036 and MS20659; and being the first to meet Telcordia Technologies’ NEBS Level 3 requirements.

    Copper Cabling Systems

    Copper Cabling Systems

    Panduit offers a full line of innovative copper products that support all of today’s most common IP applications including PoE and Wireless technologies. Get the greatest value on the market, guarantee future reliability, and provide the foundation for your network’s growth by choosing from our copper jack modules, patch cords, patch panels, punchdown systems, cable, and pre-terminated solutions.

    Power, Environmental, Security & Connectivity Hardware Products

    Power, Environmental, Security & Connectivity Hardware Products

    Reducing power consumption saves money while promoting the health of our planet. The key to an environmentally sustainable business strategy lies in regulating energy usage and leveraging a reliable physical infrastructure. Panduit power distribution, environmental, and connectivity hardware products do those things by improving availability, scalability, power, cooling efficiency, and product quality.

    Aerospace & Defense

    Aerospace & Defense

    AMETEK MRO is a global provider that offers a wide range of services, including avionics, fuel and fluid systems, heat transfer, hydraulics, oil, oxygen, power generation, pneumatics, radios, and safety equipment. AMETEK MRO businesses are AEM, Aeromedic, Ameron, Antavia, Avtech, B&S Aircraft, Drake Air, Muirhead Avionics, Southern Aeroparts, AMETEK MRO Florida and AMETEK Singapore. Its operations are FAA, EASA, CAAC and CAAS approved.

    Industrial Products

    Industrial Products

    Leader in industrial battery chargers and UPS systems, factory automation and machine positioning. Instruments for food service, restaurant kitchen timers and industrial air filtration. Heated and jacketed tubing, sample conditioning systems, cryocoolers and pressure and temperature instrumentation. Industrial Quality Control and monitoring instruments, switches, solenoids, connectors and specialty metals.


    NASCO offers a full range of voltage solutions to connect, protect, control, and measure a wide range of electrical installations, enclosures, switchboards, electronics, & electromechanical devices.
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