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Now stocking all panel mount LED indicators by Marl International – Nasco Aerospace and Electronics is pleased to announce having signed a substantial stocking package of Marl’s range of LED Bulb Replacements and Sealed LED Panel indicators through Marl International North America Sales. Frank Bagnasco, President of Nasco had the pleasure of meeting Graham Round, Vice President of Marl International North America Sales and Brian Gunnin, of Sun Rep at Nasco’s Corporate Headquarters for product training with our Sales and Marketing team. “This agreement allows Nasco to stock these high-quality products in the United States which expedites the order process for Nasco’s clients. These innovative LED Bulbs and Panel Indicators are in high demand in the Aerospace Industry and is a perfect fit for Nasco’s aerospace, automotive, industrial and medical customers. Stock is available on-line or by calling 800-383-5503.

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