Boeing recognizes NASCO as a key supplier in the success of supporting their KC-46 Air Force refueling aircraft

Jun 27, 2023

Boeing recognizes NASCO Aerospace and Electronics as a key supplier to the KC-46 Air Force contract.

Boeing is proud to announce NASCO as a key supplier with for the highly successful KC-46A Pegasus tanker program. The collaboration between NASCO and Boeing has resulted in the delivery of 69 KC-46A Pegasus tankers to the U.S. Air Force and 2 to the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, showcasing the dedication and expertise of both companies.

Frank (left) and Rick Bagnasco founded Nasco Aerospace and Electronics in 2001 and opened an aerospace division about a decade ago. Today, the co-CEOs fuel a global mission by supporting the KC-46A Pegasus with bushings, light towers and X-ray units.

As one of Boeing’s primary suppliers NASCO plays a vital role in supporting the KC-46A program. This has contributed to the employment of more than 37,000 American workers, highlighting the significant economic impact generated by the collective efforts of these suppliers.

“We’re very proud that the KC-46 is flying with our parts in it,” said Woody Hewett, Quality Manager at NASCO Aerospace and Electronics. “This not only allows us to deliver high-quality components, but it also provides an opportunity to hire individuals residing in HUBZones, empowering them to excel and grow within the aerospace industry while enhancing their income and professional development.”

Nasco Aerospace and Electronics is one of more than 650 business across 43 states that support the KC-46A Pegasus. More than 37,000 American workers supply the parts needed to build the world’s most advanced aerial refueler. John Parker / Boeing photo

The growth and impact of NASCO, both locally and globally, is a source of pride for the Bagnasco brothers, who founded the company.  Through their contract with Boeing and involvement in the KC-46A program, NASCO continues to make a profound impact on the aerospace industry.

Quality inspector Jereamy Hewett examines a KC-46A bushing. Bushings allow rotating parts to move without the need for lubrication.

NASCO’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation has positioned them as a trusted supplier within the aerospace community. The collaboration with Boeing further solidifies their position as a key player in delivering high-quality components to support critical programs like the KC-46A.

Nasco Aerospace and Electronics is located in a HUBZone – or Historically Underutilized Business Zone – in St. Petersburg, Florida.

As NASCO Aerospace and Electronics expands its reach, the company remains dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services while contributing to the growth and success of the aerospace industry as a whole.


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