PART #: M24758-43B32

DESCRIPTION: CONDUIT ADAPTER Manufacturer Certs included
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MIL-PRF-24758-43 Straight Adapter • Conduit to Panel TerminationAssembly identified with manufacurer’s code identification
number (Glenair, part number and classification code 490) .2. The function of the M24758-43 fitting is to terminate M24758-*
flexible shielding conduit with a reusable adapter panel termination.
3. Use Glenair 600-176 jam nut wrench. 4. Material / Finish:
Adapter, nuts, sleeve and ring – 316L SST/Electroless nickel matte
finish. O-Ring and gland – Silicone rubber/NA
Sealing washer – See individual drawing. 5. Metric dimensions (mm) are indicated in parentheses.

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Part # M24758-43B32

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