DESCRIPTION: Non-Isolated PoL Module DC DC Converter 2 Output 0.6 ~ 5.5V 0.6 ~ 5.5V 8A, 8A 4.5V - 26.5V InputDual 8-16A DC/DC Mode regulator
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The LTM4628IV#PBF is a versatile power module produced by Analog Devices, a leading manufacturer in the field of power electronics. This power regulator is distributed by Nasco Aerospace Electronics, a trusted distributor known for its easy availability and reliable support. With its exceptional power management capabilities, the LTM4628IV#PBF offers organizations in industries such as aerospace, defense, telecommunications, industrial electronics, and automotive an efficient and reliable solution for their power management requirements.


IN STOCK and ready to ship Today LTM4628IV#PBF: A Reliable Power Management Solution for Various Electronic Systems The Analog Devices LTM4628IV#PBF is a high-performance, high-efficiency, synchronous step-down DC/DC converter. It is designed to provide a regulated output voltage from 0.6V to 5.5V with a maximum output current of 28A. The device is housed in a 28-QFN package and is ideal for applications requiring high power density and low noise operation. NASCO is an authorized distributor for over 1,400 direct manufacturers of aerospace and electronic components, delivering quality products with manufacturers certification and traceability.

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Part # LTM4628IV#PBF

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