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SKYMOKLEEN PMC 1 gallon ;SKYMOKLEENTM Precision Machine Cleaner was originally developed for a manufacturer of disposable butane lighters. It was used to maintain the integrity of the automatic assembly machines which contained numerous precision slides and other intricate mechanical components. SKYMOKLEENTM PMC is very effective at cleaning very tenacious synthetic oils and fine contaminants from precision mechanisms. It is an extremely fast evaporator and leaves no detectable residue. May be applied by dip tube shop air gun or by hand with a lint free wipe or a natural bristle brush. SKYMOKLEENTM PMC can be disposed of without special handling. Safe on all metals and the environment.Will Not Stain, Discolor or Pit: Aluminum, Titanium, Stainless Steels (300 and 400 series) Brass, Copper, Naval Bronze, Gold or Silver. Safe on all Industrial Ceramics Manufacturer Certs Included

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