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Excess Inventory/Kitting Services

  • Customer supplies complete Bill of Material.
  • Nasco sources all material needed for the build.
  • Nasco provides prices on all the line items at a group discount price.
  • Customer provides a blanket Purchase Order.
  • Material is procured from all suppliers.
  • Inventory is stored in a secured EDS temperature controlled warehouse.
  • Secured Inventory management system implemented.
  • Product Barcode System implementation.
  • Nasco works directly with the contract manufacturer.
  • Nasco inspects all material and process according to the contract manufacturer, eliminating re-work for the C.M.
  • Nasco works with Engineering on EDU production builds.
  • Tinning, Tape & Reeling, Lead Forming and other added value services are available.
  • Full inventory audit privileges

By having Nasco manage the material for your build, you save great deal of time, money, and frustration. You eliminate confusion with multiple purchase orders and multiple vendors. Nasco has the experience you can count on to take care of the various orders and expedites, thus reducing valuable man-hours. All of our parts are sent with a full Manufacturers' Certificate of Conformance and full Component Analysis.

Excess Inventory

We know excess inventory is a real problem.
Do not accept low bids on your overstocked components!

Nasco pays top dollar and offers a variety of solutions to meet your needs. Via consignment, entire purchase, or inventory management, Nasco provides a complete range of possibilities for your excess inventory.

  • Market presence
  • ITAR
  • ESD certified warehouse
  • Climate controlled
  • Extensive component knowledge
  • All freight costs paid by Nasco

Please contact Wayne Hoffman 727-828-1310 for more specifics.