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SPI -Connects Signs Nasco


New DUST Cap line. SPI-Connects signs Distribution agreement with Nasco. SPI is a global manufacturer that has proudly served the electrical and electronic interconnect industries since 1984. During this time the one constant we have seen is change. We have thrived in this environment by continuing to exceed our customers’ expectations in the area of cost reduction, quality and customer service. SPI Connects Authorized Stocking Distributor/ QPL’d Supplier Manufacturers of Military and industrial Connectors. MIL-DTL-26482, MIL-DTl-D38999 series III connectors, QPL Dust Caps, 5015 Commercial connectors Stocking the following PartNumber MS3112E12-3PY MS3116F8-4S MS3116F14-5S MS3116J14-5S MS3114E8-4P MS3114E20-16P MS3114E10-6P MS3116F10-6P MS3116F8-4P MS3116E8-33S MS3112E18-32P MS3114E14-5P MS3112E8-4S MS3116F12-10S MS3112E12-8P MS3180-10CA MS3181-10CA MS3180-14CA MS3180-8CA MS3181-14CA MS3181-12CA MS3181-18CA MS3181-22CA MS3181-12NA MS3181-14NA MS3181-8CA MS3181-10RA MS3180-18CA MS3181-10C D38999/33W9R D38999/33W13N D38999/33W19R D38999/32W11N D38999/32W15N D38999/33W9N D38999/32W13N D38999/33W13R D38999/33W15N D38999/33W21N D38999/32W9R D38999/33W17N D38999/32W17N D38999/33F19R D38999/33W19N D38999/33F11N D38999/32W15R D38999/32W19R D38999/33W25N D38999/32W13R D38999/32W19N D38999/32W25N D38999/33W21R D38999/33W25R D38999/32W11R D38999/32W9N